Meet Our Terrific Director : "Arjun Nanda"

Mr. ARJUN NANDA is a young entrepreneur and director of YHATAW, a real estate facilitator company that has revolutionized how people purchase properties. Mr. Nanda is a graduate in finance and hotel management from one of the world’s top colleges Le Roche in Switzerland. He has a passion for digital technologies and looking at how the smartphone boom has taken over the world including India. Hence, he thought of building a comprehensive, reliable, technologically advanced, and diverse platform for home buyers. His creation YHATAW (Your Home Anytime Anywhere) is the best platform to

 buy property in Gurgaon. 

The platform helps prospective home buyers to find the best properties in Delhi-NCR, along with home financing and world-class interior and Vastu solutions – all on one platform. Mr. Nanda understands the worth of building trust and loyalty among customers. To fulfill his ambition of building a trustworthy company, he has taken several specific steps. From the beginning, his top priority has been ensuring that YHATAW’s products, solutions, and services are of the highest quality. YHATAW offers modern technological solutions for customers, such as the ability to look for properties by ‘Search’ and compare them based on a variety of criteria, by displaying high-resolution videos and photos on the website. Moreover, customers can take 360-degree virtual tours of the offered properties. Additionally, he allows the listings of only RERA-approved properties so that only reliable projects and properties find their place on the YHATAW’s site. In addition, only the very best of the professionals communicate with clients to handle their queries and to provide them with solutions. Mr. Nanda loves to pay attention to the smallest details when working on any task or project. His vision has been to make sure that every professional working under the YHATAW umbrella performs better than expectations while taking care of even the smallest details to provide the best service possible to customers. A passionate learner himself, Arjun Nanda is always willing to hear the opinions of others. Recently he was featured in ‘Torbit Realty’ amongst the real estate stalwarts, where he presented his views and ambitions regarding his company YHATAW. He wants to make his company so good that if anybody looks for a reliable

real estate consultant in Gurgaon

, only YHATAW should come to their mind. At such a young age, Mr. Arjun Nanda has created a niche for himself and built a brand that is trustworthy, successful, and fulfills the dreams of thousands of property buyers. Customers enjoy comfort, convenience, and quality in all types of end-to-end property solutions. He has an even better and revolutionary plan for the future for YHATAW and its customers where the services will be top-notch, extensive, and technologically advanced than anything seen until now.

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