Want to Buy Property in Dwarka Expressway? Do Not Miss These New Launch Projects.

Want to Buy Property in Dwarka Expressway | YHATAW

On the brim of development, Dwarka Expressway is the latest hotspot for house hunters. Its strategic location, connectivity to important places, like IGI Airport, railway stations, and vicinity to business districts, top educational institutions, hospitals, and shopping arcades make it the most sought-after place to call home. The recent surge in the number of people […]

Buying Your First Home? Here’s Why You Need A Real Estate Consultant

Why First-Time Homebuyers need a real estate consultant | YHATAW

Not finding a suitable property, conveyancing problems, delays in the property chains, gazumping, etc., are some of the most common problems faced by first-time home buyers. And more so, if you want to buy a home in a city like Gurgaon. Being a real-estate hotspot, there is no way one could buy a property in […]

Gurgaon’s Best Kept Secret : 3 BHK Luxury Apartments Under 2 Crore

3 BHK Luxury Apartments Under 2 Crore

“There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.” – Rosalynn Carter. Wealth does not just include financial affluence but also emotional security, and both come from owning a home. A person who has a home has wealth, shelter, security and comfort. No doubt, the largest share of thought and energy goes into […]

Planning to Buy a Home? Here is Why You Should Buy Property in New Gurgaon

Why you should buy property in New Gurgaon | YHATAW

What does a person look for when buying a home? An ideal location, connectivity, accessibility, and neighbourhood. And so, everyone wants to buy property in New Gurgaon. Perched between Gurugram and Manesar in Haryana, New Gurgaon is an emerging micro-market promising tremendous growth potential. It encompasses many developing sectors, including Sectors 76 to 86, 89 […]

New Gurugram Vs Dwarka Expressway: which is the best location for your new home?

Choose the perfect location: New Gurugram or Dwarka Expressway | YHATAW

Choosing the perfect location: New Gurugram or Dwarka Expressway is one of the most important decisions you will make. Real estate investment is a momentous decision that involves thorough contemplation, research, and a deep evaluation of the pros and cons. Location, infrastructure, connectivity, appreciation potential, etc., emerge as essential parameters to reflect. And this puts […]

Will you Buy a Plot Or a Builder Floor in Gurgaon?

Top Property Consultant in Gurgaon, YHATAW

Gurugram, also known as Gurgaon, is a city in the northern Indian state of Haryana. It is a major satellite city of Delhi and part of the National Capital Region of India. Gurgaon is located near the border between Delhi and Haryana. It is India’s second-largest information technology hub and the third-largest financial and banking […]

Is an Apartment better choice than an Independent House?

Is an Apartment better choice than an Independent House | YHATAW

When a person decides to purchase a house, the most important factor is the location and amenities. Selecting a good location would give you a better ROI. Some home buyers prefer independent houses. On the other hand, the rest opt for apartments. In most metro cities, where the cost of real estate is pretty high, […]

Important things NRIs need to know before Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investments Tips for NRIs

The NRI or the global Indians are among the largest contributors to the Indian forex reserve through various investments in Indian asset classes. One of the major chunks comprises real estate investment in India. Most NRIs prefer investing in the real estate market of India due to the huge amounts of profit. Additionally, with the […]

Pooja Room Vastu Tips that are Perfect for your Apartment

Pooja Room Vastu Tips that are Perfect for your Apartment

A pooja room is a sacred place that plays a major role in harnessing and spreading positive energy throughout your luxury apartments. It offers a positive aura and a quiet environment where you can meditate peacefully. The positive energy will energize the mind, body, and soul of everyone at home. Pooja Room Vastu Tips has […]

7 Factors that Determine the Cost of Buying a Property in Gurgaon

7 Factors that Determine the Cost of Buying a House in Gurgaon

If you plan to buy a property at reasonable rates with exclusive amenities, you may consider purchasing a property in Gurgaon. Due to the increase in the number of infrastructures, Gurgaon has become a popular choice for homeowners and investors. The city is considered one of the wealthiest areas of the Delhi NCR region, having […]

Why is Gurgaon a Better Option for Investment in Real Estate?

Why invest in real estate in Gurgaon?

Sharing its borders with the national capital of the country, Gurgaon is an emerging city and is just catching the attention of real estate investors from different parts of the world. Previously, the place was known for farming and now it is considered a gold mine for some of the leading world companies. The entire […]

Know the Basics of Buying Under-Construction Apartments in Gurgaon

Under-construction apartment in Gurgaon

Buying an apartment is one of the biggest decisions of your life. So while you are shortlisting a property, the dilemma of investing in an under-construction apartment or a fully furnished one will definitely pop up in your mind. Both types of properties have their individual advantages and benefits. However, an under-construction project allows the […]

Rising Demand for Luxury Apartments in 2022

Rising Demand for Luxury Apartments in 2022 | YHATAW

Luxury housing is emerging as one of the most vibrant and dynamic segments in India’s real estate market, which is one of the fastest-growing in the world. India’s luxury housing market is driven by rapidly growing consumer demand, increased aspirations, and changing lifestyles. With improved lifestyle, increased income levels the segment for the luxury apartments, […]

Fulfill your Dream of Buying a Property in Gurgaon

Fulfill your Dream of Buying a Property in Gurgaon | YHATAW

Buying a property is a crucial decision of every individual’s life, especially if it is a residential property. If you are looking to purchase a residential property in Delhi NCR, then Gurgaon is the best place.  But why is it better to buy property in Gurgaon? Purchasing residential property in Gurgaon brings several benefits. Gurgaon […]

What makes Gurgaon the best place to Invest in Real Estate?

Gurgaon is the best place to Invest in Real Estate | YHATAW

Gurgaon has been the poster boy for growth and infrastructure in North India for a long time. The real estate market has always been one of the driving engines behind the success of this revolutionary city situated adjacent to the capital of India. The real estate market in Gurgaon (or Gurugram) has been seeing more […]

Modern Rules of Buying a Residential Property in Gurgaon

Modern Rules of Buying a Residential Property in Gurgaon

Gurgaon City is one of India’s best and fastest-growing cities. Purchasing property in Gurgaon is a wise investment. Apart from being a fantastic location, Gurgaon can provide residents with really comfortable rooms and houses. Because there are so many properties available in Gurgaon, you get a lot of options. If you would like to purchase […]

What made Dwarka Expressway a Special Location for Property Investors?

Properties in Dwarka Expressway | YHATAW

Since the Dwarka Expressway was first built, it has been the topic of much debate and speculation. Every encouraging property development here boosted the confidence of tens of thousands of investors. The neighborhood’s most recent real estate projects have pushed the bar even higher. Despite the developmental blocks it has experienced in the past, presently, […]

Real Estate is the Safest Investment for ultra-rich Post Pandemic

Real Estate Investment

Money is the root cause of anything and everything. And it makes the world go around. For the majority of investors and more specifically for the ultra-rich, generating capital through investing in real estate is the key for all investment plans. The ultra-rich Definition of wealth is based on an individual’s net worth. Ultra-rich net worth individuals […]

Reimagine your Dream Home with YHATAW

Real Estate Consultant

YHATAW stands for Your Home AnyTime, AnyWhere. If you are looking to buy your dream home, you will definitely find us in your research. YHATAW is a Delhi-NCR based real-estate facilitator company. A good real estate consultant provides expert advice and recommendations to clients looking to purchase or develop a property. Does YHATAW hold up […]